5 Travel Tips for Beginners

  Travel Tips for Beginners

So your friends got back from their annual jaunt abroad and you can contain your jealousy no more. 

Or maybe you’re about to graduate, or have been let go from work. 

You know it’s time to hit the road, but how and where do you even start?  bposty.com The questions are seemingly endless and it’s difficult to know where to start.

No worries; you can quickly turn from travel noob to travel snob by starting with these first time travel tips.

Here are our best Travel Tips for Beginners

1.  Consider Your Clothing

You don’t have to dress nicely by any means, but you should probably follow a couple of basic rules.  Most importantly, don’t ever consider fanny packs/bum bags.  Not under any onektech.com circumstances.  They are easy to rob, mark you as a tourist, and most damning of all – they are incredibly ugly. 

2. Money Matters

How much cash should you take and in what form?  The simplest approach is to forget the traveler’s checks and large wads of cash.  Instead, bring your ATM card and pull out your money as you need it. 

3.  Your Budget Will Be Wrong

You can plan down to your last penny, but in the end, your trip (whether 2 weeks or 12 months) will cost more than your highest estimate. earhtech.com Whether it’s replacing stolen/lost items, mailing things home, or signing up for expensive tours.

4.  Research For Informational Purposes Only

One of the best things about a vacation is the anticipatory excitement. Therefore, read every blog you can get your hands on  (There will be a lot, wherever you are going.) Buy or borrow travel guides. Browse forums. amarica.info Go to YouTube and search for videos of some of your destinations. 

5.  Meet The Locals

Whether you’re staying in the poshest hotels or the hostel (check out our guide on staying at a hostel) with your roommates humping on the bunk above your head, you can meet other like-minded people more easily while traveling. This is one of the joys of traveling.